Yosemite Is Where It's At

Not a lot of you know this but I was born in Samar, Philippines. It's not exactly what you would call a city; It was rather a small town in the provincial side of Samar. Growing up, I was greeted by the fresh sea breeze and was mostly surrounded by coconut trees, huts, and everything green that's living --- NATURE, basically. What I'm trying to say is that nature has a special place in my heart.

Yosemite Traffic is always fun.

Yosemite Traffic is always fun.

Anyways, I got to travel to Yosemite National Park once again this May 5th (probably my 6th visit in my lifetime) and it was a blast! Well except for two things: the gridlock issue a.k.a. traffic and the lack of parking spaces --- fun. But I mean, I guess the traffic wasn't all that bad since I got to soak in the beauty of the park longer. It's so crazy seeing a place/park in person when all your life before that moment was just you looking at it on a post card or something. 

Having seen the park prior to this 6th visit, I was aware of the ongoing California drought epidemic so I had thought that there wouldn't be much water in the falls and rivers again --- boy was I wrong! When I first saw how much water there was in the Yosemite Falls, I was...relieved? Like, yes --- water! Just what California needed! But I was also happy because I get to experience the kisses of each drop of mist the falls emit.

I don't even know what else to say but to VISIT YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK! Trust me, you won't regret it. It literally is so beautiful it almost looks fake --- you'd probably ask: "Is this a green screen effect or what?" The enormous rocks and pine trees that tower over your head, the clear and frigid rivers that twinkle just as the sun hits it, the mesmerizing beauty of the falls that welcomes you merrily, the multiple hike locations you could explore, and just the overall experience of being inside this awe-inspiring park --- You'd be reaffirmed that your visit was worthwhile. Mother Earth is so kind to be providing us with these sceneries. Nature is beautiful.

Have you ever been to Yosemite National Park?