5 Ways To Get Things Done The Right Way in 2019

Photographed by: @carlosfrayre

Photographed by: @carlosfrayre

People have this preconceived idea that being productive is doing a whole lot in a period of time. However, that’s not the case AT ALL.

Productivity is a way of doing more but working less. It’s about working wisely not working harder.

Unproductive people could be working HOURS on things but barely get tasks done, while productive people could be wisely working on something and end up finishing more tasks than the unproductive.

If you struggle with productivity, here are:




“I won’t forget” is one of the most common excuses I hear people say when it comes to planning and guess what? Those people never get things done or they end up working more than they should have.

I't's about working wisely here, people.

How are you suppose to get things done when you’re clueless of what you have to do? Here’s my advice: PLAN AHEAD.

There are multiple ways of doing this but my top favorites are:

  • Having a planner

    • physical planner, google calendar, or any planner apps)

  • Setting reminders on your phone

  • Create a success list (will dive into this, just continue reading)

You’ll never be caught off guard if you decide to plan things ahead of time. Knowing what you have to do in advance will put your mind at ease and go into it more confidently, which makes it less of a hassle on your behalf.



Don’t multitask. Instead, focus on 1 goal at a time.

This right here is SO important to me. Like I mentioned before, people have this preconceived idea that multitasking is a good thing. While this might be great on some instances, it isn’t necessarily the best when it comes to productivity.

In all honesty, I did practice multitasking a few years back thinking that I was getting things done diligently. It wasn’t until I read the book The One Thing by Gary Keller that I realized multitasking was basically…a SIN.

According to Keller, “multitasking is a lie,” which is such a true statement. Doing two things at once is doing neither. Why you may ask? That’s because you’re not putting your 100% on each task. Focus on one, then move on to another. Simple as that. Try it!



You might think that having a long to-do list is the way to go to be more productive but in actuality, it really isn’t. Hear me out on this one.

First of all, I recommend for you to change the name of your list from “to-do list” to “success list”. The phrase “to do” just seem dreary and something you feel like you don’t want to do instead.

But a “success list”? Doesn’t that sound more appealing? I feel more accomplished looking at the word “success” without even starting it yet. A to-do list puts you in this mindset of doing things in multiple directions, while the other puts you in a very specific direction — success.



Distractions. Distractions. Distractions.

Sometimes they’re tough BUT doing these few things I’m about to tell you could drastically help tackle that problem.

Let’s reduce the chaos surrounding you by simply:

  • silencing your phone or turning it off completely

  • being in a quiet room

  • putting on some quiet instrumentals (only if you work better with music on like I am)

  • asking people for privacy

  • setting your mindset to finish your success list

  • staying focused

If you manage to get all that sorted out, I’m sure that you’ll have lesser distractions. Or better yet, nothing at all!



This is crucial.

We all need a little break from time to time to regain that energy back. It’s one thing to get things done without interruptions but a solid break is important.

Don’t drain yourself out. If you think about it, we’re just like any gadgets that needs to be charged from time to time after a couple of hours of working.

Remember, it’s working wisely not harder. Allow yourself to rest up but not for too long or you’ll end up unmotivated to get back into the grind.

Be steadfast on this step and don’t cheat!

Anyways, I hope you guys had a good read. I hope you found this blog post insightful and I hope you start implementing my tips into your daily life!