How To Be Successful On Youtube - BEST TIPS FOR 2018

What exactly is Youtube success?

While your interpretation of Youtube success may differ from mine, it certainly is achievable if you're doing it right

I've been a content creator on Youtube since 2012, but it wasn't until 2015 when I decided to take it seriously. During those years I've curated up to 56k+ subscribers and although I may not be a "BIG" Youtuber, I thought I should still share my knowledge about the ins and outs of this ever-growing platform to benefit upcoming Youtube content creators such as you

Here are my Top 10 Tips on How To Be Successful On Youtube:


If you want to start Youtube solely because you want to earn money, then you're starting it off wrong

You want to start creating content on Youtube because you LOVE it and/or you want to further enhance a specific skill/creativity whether it be: comfortability in front of a camera, video-editing, film-making, script-writing, etc..

Money won't come fast on Youtube, unless you're one of the lucky ones who become big right when you start. Not saying you're not one of those lucky ones; Heck, you might be! Just saying that this is VERY RARE. 


Beauty, Tech, and Travel photos powered by Pexels.

Beauty, Tech, and Travel photos powered by Pexels.

Having a specific genre on Youtube will benefit you on the long run. People usually subscribe to channels with a certain niche. This is also how you can build a brand for yourself. 

Sure, you might not know what type of videos you want to create --- that's okay! Just make sure that you create content that YOU like and not what others want you to. Eventually, you will narrow the type of content you want to create.


Having a sense of professionalism and a clear aesthetic on your channel does wonders! It creates credibility on your behalf, which in turn makes you more like-able and that's what you want!

People would not want to subscribe to dull looking channels, right?

I've made a checklist for you and see if you have these down. If not, I say get on it!:

  • Do you have a channel banner?

  • Do you have a profile picture?

  • Do you have a decent description on your videos?

    • basic breakdown on your description: brief description, social media links, contact info, FAQs (if applicable) See example below.

  • Are your social media accounts linked on your channel?

  • Do you have decent thumbnails on each of your videos?

  • Do you have an intro + outro? (this is optional, but it's great to have!)


What I really mean by this is to NOT ignore your viewers. They're a huge factor in Youtube success and without them, you're no one. Give them appreciation!

Examples are either replying to their comments, listening to their suggestions, and/or thanking them from time to time!

As for giving value to your audience, I mean by creating content that's valuable and beneficial. It doesn't necessarily have to be a "How To" video.

Here, ask these questions to yourself: Is your video inspirational? motivational? is it funny? is it sad? is it thought provoking? is it something you'd want to watch?

If you post videos with no value to your audience, they'll soon notice that overtime (they'll think it's boring) and unsubscribe --- which is a no no!


Ahhhh, this. Yeah, I've seen a whole lot of upcoming content creators start....then when they don't see results they automatically resign as a content creator. It's sad because most of these creators had SO MUCH potential!

Consistency is key here, people. Success usually doesn't come fast. Don't give up too easily and just be patient. 

Keep creating. Keep posting. Keep learning.


Comparison truly is the thief of joy. 

Please don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 30. We all have different pace. Remember, the BIG Youtubers you see right now started small just a few years ago. This means they've done this for a LONNGGG time until they've reached their current level. Don't get discouraged. Use those BIG Youtubers as your inspirations instead.

Anyways, what I meant by evaluate is to look at your Youtube analytics.

Which videos do best? Which ones don't? Which ones get more engagement? 

Tailor your videos to what your analytics say --- it really helps boost up your engagement!


Uploading content on Youtube publicly means your videos are seen by THE public. So, expect some viewers who won't like the content you put out. 

There will always be people that will hate your craft NO MATTER WHAT --- and that's okay! Don't focus on them. They're literally just internet trolls who inflict hate behind their keyboards because of pure insecurity. In other words, they're irrelevant. 

If you do ever get a hate comment, there's this thing called "BLOCK". Use it wisely.


I put this last for a reason.

You don't necessarily need the best of the best of equipments to be successful on Youtube. It does, however, make a difference. This coincides with professionalism.

There is an exception for this because some Youtubers still become big even though they only use, for example, an iphone to film and iMovie to edit. 

It really depends on what kind of content you want to put out. Most entertainment Youtubers can get away with this. However, if you're an aspiring Tech Youtuber, you may want to film with a decent camera or else it won't do you any good.

If you're curious to see what equipments I use, click here.

Anyways, I hope these tips help you out! If you have any more questions, comment them down below and I'll for sure reply back.

In the meantime, if you want to check my Youtube channel, click here.