My July Favorites 2018

Okay, is it just me or is 2018 going by really fast? It started so slow but then all of a sudden BOOM! We're all of a sudden halfway through the year --- crazy.

Anyways, hi everyone! Today I decided to write about my July Favorites because, to be quite honest, why not? Kidding! Mainly because I want you guys to hear about it! So without further do...


Disclaimer: This blog is not sponsored.

  • Trader Joe's Aloe Vera Gel

I think I'm genetically blessed to have somewhat of a clear skin? Because trust me, I don't really eat as healthy as I should but I somehow still have an okay skin. Also, my family in general have pretty clear skin so I guess that does give it away as well (this is not a brag, just stating a fact) However, there are those days where I get little visits from uninvited guests on my face aka the infamous pimples

Trader Joe's Aloe Vera Gel

Trader Joe's Aloe Vera Gel

I always look for products that are FAST when it comes to ceasing my pimples away. I've tried many products in my lifetime and although some worked, it wasn't quite as fast as I want it to be. 

The way I discovered this product is through a recommendation and I'm so glad I got to test out the product! And the best part is, it literally is SO cheap! It only retails for $7 at Trader Joe's! 

This product is 95% Aloe Vera, which is beneficial for your skin. When I first tried it, it gave me little tingles on my face which felt rather refreshing. I left it overnight and when I woke up the next day, I washed my face and noticed that my skin was smoother, more moisturized, and some of my pimples just vanished while others sunk in size. Since then I've been using this product almost every night and I don't think I'm changing anytime soon. It's too great to let go. If you're interested in purchasing, click here.

  • Harry's Razor

This is a little weird to talk about but, yes guys, I do shave pretty much everyday (usually my mustache and chin --- side burns from time to time). You might not really see it on my videos/pictures but that is because I shave prior to taking/filming those content.


I like multi-bladed razors because they do the best shaving if you ask me and Harry's Razors has that. I've tried brands such as Gilette, Bic, etc. and it wasn't until 1st week of July when I bought Harry's Razor at Target --- literally, CHANGED MY LIFE.  I got to try it out right away towards the night time and boy was it good. I hate that some razors hurt when you shave but this one was literally so easy, not painful, and does its job. Some razors also don't have fancy cases but this one does (as seen on the pic). It helps keep it intact, safe, and CLEAN, which is very important! Dirty razors are no good, people! They give pimples! If you're interested in purchasing, click here.

  • Hugo Boss Cologne


I never really tried nor smelled Hugo Boss colognes up until someone gifted me one. It definitely has apples/citrus fruits implemented to the scent with a touch of warm, spicy, cinnamon-like smell. So if you're into that, I recommend this. Perfect scent for Summer!

I've been using this ever since I got my hand on it, which was around 1st week of July. Still use it now --- I love it! If you're interested in purchasing, click here.

  • Bershka Fanny Pack

Bershka Fanny Pack  Photographer: @timmy.cr2

Bershka Fanny Pack

Photographer: @timmy.cr2

I've always been a fan of Fanny Packs but it wasn't until recently when I actually bought one from one of my favorite online stores: Bershka. I'm so obsessed with this fanny pack because I like the minimal and trendy look it gives! You've definitely seen this one on some of my pictures on Instagram if you follow me on there.

I'm able to pack mostly the basic stuff I need and it was definitely handy at Vidcon or anywhere I went! Not a fan of backpacks when I go out so having this small fanny pack is just the right size for me. If you're interested in purchasing, click here.

  • Pacsun Denim Jacket

Pacsun Denim Jacket  Photographer: @anstone111

Pacsun Denim Jacket

Photographer: @anstone111

I have had far too many denim jackets in my life but this one has got to be my favorite FOSHO! Pacusn was kind enough to gift me this so thank you! Anyways, it's just your typical Tommy Hilfiger Denim Jacket and it's TOO good. Quality is splendid, feels great, looks stunning, and it's just amazing. It definitely gives off that 90's vibe, at least for me. My favorite part of this jacket is definitely the embroidery of the the Tommy Hilfiger Sail Logo on the back. 

This jacket definitely will be in many future outfits so stay tune on those! If you're interested in purchasing, click here.

  • Pacsun Black and White Stripe Shirt

Pacsun Camp Shirt  Photographer: @carlosfrayre

Pacsun Camp Shirt

Photographer: @carlosfrayre

This piece was also gifted by Pacsun so thanks again! Anyways, I'm so in love with this button up because not only does it look good, but it also feels good! Very lightweight, which is perfect for Summer and gives off a vintage vibe --- I've been loving the vintage style lately. Also, these types of shirt has been so in lately and I feel as though everyone owns one. If you're interested in purchasing click here.

  • Black and White Stripe Long Sleeve Button Up

B/W Stripes Long Sleeve

B/W Stripes Long Sleeve

You all know I love thrifting and from time to time I find some pretty awesome pieces and this is one of them. I'm so OBSESSED with this shirt like what the heck. Such a beautiful flowy fabric and so lightweight! I usually style it by tucking it in on some denim pants and unbutton top 2 buttons up top. It gives more of that laid back, chill, and comfy look! 


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog. If you read up to the end, kudos to you! What's your July Favorites?!