October Obsessions 2018

I hope you guys had a spooky Halloween! — I surely did not but I ate a cute halloween-designed cupcake so…it’s all good!

Anyways, October was quite a month — exciting and self-awakening for sure. Did lots of things and also had LOTS of favorites that I can’t wait to show you!

If you’d like to know more about my October OBSESSIONS, read on!




gucci belt

gucci belt

Talk about an IMPULSE buy — whoops. To be quite honest, I don’t regret this purchase because I’m putting this belt into good use! I just like how it totally amplifies your basic outfit! Pair it with a black tee, black skinny jeans, white shoes and TADAA — a FIT! It’s definitely a versatile piece and I love the gold accent.


I might buy the silver version on this one too, who knows…


I’ve seen these types of retro glasses everywhere and I’ve been WANTING one for so long but laziness and procrastination were holding me back. Never bought it online — don’t even ask me why haha. I guess It was just the universe telling me to hold off because this month I got it from a really sketchy/cheap store for only $5.99 instead of $20+ — the weirdest place but they had it there! A total steal if you ask me!


I love the color of the lens itself because it really speaks “vintage,” ya feel? I forgot the name of the store but if interested in buying a similar-looking glasses, click here.


I’ve had this watch for a long time but it was not until recently when I really started incorporating it more into my fits. Mainly because of the color: gold & black. I think it’s the perfect color going into fall and winter.


I also like the minimal finish of the watch. I’m usually not a fan of bulky watches with lots of things going on. This watch is the complete opposite of it and that’s why I dig it!

If interested in buying, click here.

  • FILA disruptor II

Lots of people find these shoes “cheesy” but quite honestly, I love it! I’ve always been a fan of white shoes but this one was really different. What drew me in the most was the “spikes” accent in the soles — I thought it was unique. Also thought it would give me a height boost (which it did hehe).

White shoes just goes well with everything and since vintage is really IN lately, I thought this shoes would be perfect for my fits.

If interested in buying, click here.

  • ZARA RIPPED jeans


When it comes to buying skinny jeans, I always tend to go for either Topman’s or Zara’s. I saw this Zara ripped jeans in store and I had to try it out! I own so many already but they usually get all tattered pretty quickly. I’ve had this for a month already and it literally is still the same color after MANY wash — it’s crazy!


The elasticity of the fabric remains — it’s so nice because it doesn’t lose its purpose of being a “skinny” jeans (basically it does not get lose). Kudos to them for using the perfect fabric.

If interested in buying, click here.


I’ve tried so many skin care products but this…this one is different. See, I’ve never used a cleansing cream with consistency thick as a LOTIONyes, a lotion. It felt so weird at first but I think I prefer it now. It feels great lathering it on your face.


What I like most about this product is the fact that the tingling + minty sensation slowly creeps in on you giving you a feeling of freshness. I also like using this product in the morning to wake me up — the sensation awakens me as weird as that sounds. Best part is — it works pretty damn good! I definitely recommend!

If interested in buying, click here.

  • THE 100

I’m very picky when it comes to watching a show. I HAVE to like it for me to continue watching it. When I watched the first episode of this show, I didn’t like it much but I decided to give it a chance. VERY glad I gave it a chance because it continues to be one of my favorite shows ever!

The character development, plot, and the overall acting is so good! Each season gets more intense! My favorite season is definitely Season 5 especially that tragic yet heart-warming ending — ugh. I definitely would recommend watching this if you’re into dystopian/apocalyptic fiction shows.



I’m not a huge reader but when it comes to books, I like to read self-help/biography/memoir books. It has been since High School since I’ve read a fiction book — I know, willdddddddd!

Base on the title of the book, you probably know what it’s all about. I have to say, this is my favorite self-help book thus far because it really goes in depth. I don’t want to reveal much because that’ll ruin it but it’s a GREAT read. If you battle with self-hate and low self-esteem, give this book a try. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


If interested in buying, click here.

Anyways guys, those were my October Obsessions! I hope you had a good read and gained some insights on the things I showed you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Much love :)